Restaurant Gordon Ramsay: 3 Michelin Stars

This is an IOLondon favourite. We go every year on Good Friday bank holiday for a long leisurely lunch. As we are a large table and normally have the Prestige Tasting Menu we are usually the last table left in the restaurant. You know you've overstayed your welcome when they start ironing the table cloth for the next dinner service.

The Food: 8/10

Flawlessly executed French cuisine beautifully presented with colourful vegetables, flowers, leaves and herbs. Not the most innovative dishes but where they excel is to ensure every dish is cooked to perfection.

Every dish beautifully presented with colourful vegetables, flowers, leaves and herbs

For cheese lovers, it doesn't get much better than this! The cheese trolley provides a huge selection of quality cheeses from around Europe.

The impressive cheese trolley

The Wine Pairing: 10/10

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is where my love of wine pairings with tasting menus first started. On our first visit to Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in 2015, we were served a wine that tasted like manure on its own. In my opinion, it was utterly undrinkable on its own. However, when it was paired with a black truffle pasta dish the combination was unbelievable. The wine was now complex with structure and body and the flavour dimensions of the dish were enhanced. i.e the perfect wine pairing. Since then I have had wine pairings at several Michelin starred restaurants but Restaurant Gordon Ramsay still stands out as one of the best true pairings you can do. Lots of restaurants offer wine pairings but they aren't always true pairings where the wine complements the dish.

Note they don't offer a set wine pairing option on their menu at a set price. Just simply speak to the sommelier and provide your budget and they will create a bespoke wine pairing just for your table. For our group, we normally set a budget of just under £100 per person.

Bespoke wine pairing to meet your budget

The Service: 10/10

I'm convinced that the reason that Restaurant Gordon Ramsay has that extra star of 3 instead of 2 is due to the service. Forget about having to constantly be on the look for a waiter, the restaurant itself is small and there are plenty of waiters around to personally attend to each table. The waiters are super friendly and relaxed without an ounce of pretentiousness. Always willing to have a chat with foodies about the dishes. Our favourite staff member is the Maître d' who is a warm friendly character that welcomes us back every year.

In typical IOLondon style, we also have a tour of the kitchen to thank those genius chefs who consistently turn out plate after plate of exceptional food.

Impeccable, friendly and personal service

IOLondon members dining at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay

Overall Rating: 9/10

We have been dining at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay since 2015 and not once has it disappointed. The only slight negative for a regular is that the menu hasn't changed that much throughout the years. However, the selection of wines to pair with the dishes is always different which keeps it interesting for the regular.

Highlights for IOLondon members:

  • Wine Pairing - A true wine pairing where wine and food complement and enhance each other.

  • Impeccable, friendly and personal service - This is what makes a 3 Michelin Stars restaurant.