Evelyn's Table: Intimate Gem in the heart of Soho

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

We dined with a group of 6 at this intimate restaurant hidden away in the basement of The Blue Posts pub in the heart of Soho. No obvious signs as you walk into the pub that there is a chef's table counter style restaurant located in the basement. Only true foodies who follow all restaurants opened for the amazing team behind The Palomar and The Barbary are in the know about this restaurant. With our guaranteed reservations safety in place we were lead down a narrow staircase and through a door which opened up to a tiny restaurant with a L shaped table with counter seating. We were warmly greeted by our chefs for the evening who would be putting on a culinary show for us. It was perfection from the beginning to end. We thoroughly enjoyed our evening and can't wait to visit again soon.


Interaction with chefs

The chefs are super engaging and genuinely willing to answer questions from diners. We watched as head chef Luke opened fresh oysters, and he was even kind of enough to give us a tutorial on the correct method to open them.

Thanks Luke, I will be sure to remember this technique at my next dinner party!

Chef Luke opening fresh oysters for the beef tartare.

Fresh Ingredients cooked perfectly!

Beef Tartare topped with fresh oysters. Perfect combination of flavour.

The freshest surf and turf ever!

Seafood risotto teeming with cuttlefish, cod and sea herbs was cooked just right with an al dente bite in each grain.

Seafood Risotto cooked perfectly al dente

This Pizzette was delicious with the perfectly fried base that was both crispy and fluffy at the same time! The chefs were able to adapt menu to meet dietary requirements on the fly. Vegetarian alternative was prepared on request.

Pizzette with fried base

Good selection of cocktails and reasonable priced wines

Lucky in Kentucky cocktail


The Mulwray Cocktail Bar Upstairs: The After Party

After our fabulous dinner we then headed upstairs to the top floor bar The Mulwray for some after dinner cocktails. This is a cosy bar with velvet sofas and large glass cabinets which displays bottles of spirits. The cocktail bar is at the centre of the room so that everyone has a great view of the bartender.

Ixcalli Tears has a slight kick from the red pepper