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Contact us to host masterclasses to showcase your cooking skills

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Discounts from premium food & wine producers to get you through the COVID-19 lockdown

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Hielo & Eclipse Coolers


Just 5 ice cubes to keep your wine and bubbles perfectly chilled, with no drips.


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Discounts on all Berry Bros. & Rudd Wine Courses

Social Dining. Michelin Quality. Travel the world.

Are you a foodie wanting to dine at the best restaurants?

Keen to meet like-minded 


We’re a community of foodies intent on discovering and experiencing only the best life has to offer in the world of food.

Social dining to bring people together for memorable dining experiences. Feel free to come alone or with friends to meet other people with the same passion for food!

Partner with Us

Are you launching a new restaurant or menu?

Do you have a private dining room/area or chef's table that you want to fill with enthusiastic foodies?

As foodies we are always excited about discovering new restaurants, cuisines and chefs.  Plus if we love it we will be sure to rave about it to our social media community. 

To start arranging events now!